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You may have noticed that some changes have been made to Eat the Rich Volume 1. The description and the way we will be speaking about it moving forward has changed. We would like to provide the full context for these changes. 

In February of 2020, we were informed by One Bookshelf that Eat the Rich violated the policy that states no political content is allowed on the DMs Guild. We had anticipated this, and sought permission from OBS in May of 2019, before commencing with the project. That permission was received. Unfortunately, we have been informed that a mistake was made in approving our project. A small number of complaints had flagged our project for review, and we were asked to make changes or have our book delisted. 

Those changes consisted of removing the word “anti-capitalist” from the book, the cover, and the product page. OBS agrees with us that the content has a place on the DMs Guild, but the specific word is a violation of their policy. The project contributors voted, and it was agreed that we would make the necessary changes to keep the book on the guild.

Rest assured, the content is still the same. The adventures are still the same. This is a book about marginalized folks fighting to take back power from oppressors. We remain forever in solidarity with our allies in the struggle for equality in both the real and fantasy worlds.

In solidarity,

Alicia Furness and Cat Evans

A Statement Regarding Volume 1: About Me
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